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Albatross CX is a global customer experience agency that services luxury brands mainly in the field of customer experience.

A former employee said this in a review “Albatross CX has very poor company culture, lack of support from management, majority of support staffs are in China and with poor professional skills."


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debi harding says

"I guess like many who have booked an Albatross tour they were offered a credit for a future tour, NO CHOICE GIVEN between credit or refund.Their Terms and Conditions state "If we have to make a change or cancel etc we will offer you the CHOICE of:agreeing to changed arrangements,Having a REFUND of all monies paid or accepting alternative arrangements etc We booked and paid a deposit in Oct 2019 then final payment in Feb 2020 for a tour in May 2020,They kept saying even as late as April that the tour was expected to depart.Our faith in Albatross is non existent and my Solicitor Daughter is investigating!"

Bruce Uebergang says

"Regretfully I give Albatross 1 star. I have been offered a 50% refund for a trip booked with them for travel in June. This is an inexplicable case of corporate greed. Surely the economic pain of the pandemic should be shared evenly with the whole supply chain taking a hit, not ripping off clients by retaining so much of the money paid in good faith. Flight Centre and other companies have changed their policy to reflect these unique times. Do the management really think I would want to travel with them ever again?"

Shell Maher says

"Our friends and I had booked a Albatross tour, starting Mid May 2020 . Our tour, and I presume a lot of other tours. clearly wont go ahead. When we booked we paid our deposit on time, when they wanted the final payment, we made that payment in good faith and on time, and now we find ourselves , like many others , that cannot travel to Italy, (Government Orders)...And surprise surprise, Albratross are refusing to give us our refund. The best on offer is a 2 year credit. We paid for a service, the service was cancelled.... refund our money. A 2 year credit is no good for us due to my Husbands health. They maintain they paid their staff. Really....2 months in advance. Not on"

Paul Freeman says

"We are booked on a tour of Northern Italy in May. Albatross has so far refused to refund money as the tour may go ahead. Oh really! Albatross must have some special cure for COVID 19 in their bag that no one else knows about. Let’s be honest. The tour won’t go ahead, and money should be refunded ASAP. Pity, we have had three lovely trips with Albatross in the past, but we no longer trust this company."

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